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Photo Credits

: Urban 2.0

: 2023.12.03

: もかいろ工房
: 竹林工房遊

: さな(ピアニスト)


: 鶏種子

: やおやお商店 
: 和風ダイニング仁 

: yohoko_mold
: Circulo Cidre
: 籐風創窯
: 萬駄屋


Rewind and Relive the Magic of Makers' Day #8: Winter Wonderland


Sunshine, warmth, and the joyous buzz of creativity filled the air as we celebrated Makers' Day #8: Winter Wonderland! This record-breaking event, bathed in perfect weather and fueled by our tireless efforts, was a resounding success. Hundreds of guests from all walks of life contributed to the vibrant energy that danced through the day. From hands-on workshops to festive artistic delights, the day was a smorgasbord of inspiration. Two new creative vendors joined our fold, offering captivating workshops in crayon-making and holiday-themed wood ornaments.


Checonuts continued their rug-tufting magic, this time delivering the final product the same day, much to the delight of eager attendees. ISHIKAWASAMBO's Wonder Workshop embraced tradition with an outdoor mochi-pounding demonstration, followed by their captivating indoor workshop.


Our esteemed vendor community, the heart and soul of every Makers' Day, outdid themselves once again. Yorozudaya-JIn, Yaoyao, and Socora kept the energy high with their delicious offerings. Hot oden warmed the crowd on the sunny winter day, while coffee concoctions and the ever-popular hot chocolate kept spirits high. Sweet treats flew off the shelves, with Kumano Nouen's delectable sweet potatoes selling out before lunchtime.


La Coiffe's vintage treasures and Sato-san's charming miniature pottery, now doubling as fashion brooches, added a touch of magic to the day.


New faces joined the family, too! 鶏種子's mouthwatering yakitori, paired perfectly with the Makers' Day! Beer (which, coincidentally, also sold out alongside the yakitori), had guests lining up for more. Circulo Cidre, a veteran of events, brought their delicious cider, sourdough bread, and honey, adding further to the sensory feast. The air crackled with creative energy as participants of all ages immersed themselves in workshops, sharing laughter and learning from each other.


As the day drew to a close, the talented Sana, along with a special guest, serenaded us with powerful melodies and warm holiday charm. It was a fitting farewell to the last Makers' Day! event of the year.


But fear not, dear friends! This is not the end, but merely a pause before the next chapter unfolds. Our team is already brewing up future events that will captivate, enthrall, and inspire.


Keep your eyes peeled and prepare to be swept away by the magic of Makers' Day once more!


Mark your calendars for Sunday, March 10, 2024.


Until then, let your creativity flourish and prepare to be swept away by the magic of Makers' Day!

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