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: 2024年3月

: URBAN2.0

: 8-12歳



ISHIKAWASAMBO's Wonder Workshop stole the spotlight at the Makers' Day March Into Spring event by offering an engaging drawing course tailored for children. Through a unique blend of creativity and precision, the workshop introduced kids to the technical realm of scale drawing. Led by experienced instructors, children embarked on a journey to grasp fundamental principles of measurements and proportions in art through interactive demonstrations and hands-on activities. The workshop fostered a supportive environment where kids felt empowered to experiment and learn from their mistakes, culminating in the proud display of scaled drawings that showcased their newfound skills and unwavering dedication.
The Wonder Workshop provided a vibrant hub of creativity and collaboration, as children shared ideas, techniques, and marveled at each other's creations. Amidst laughter and camaraderie, lifelong friendships were forged, and a shared passion for art blossomed. The event ignited a spark of curiosity and innovation, inspiring participants to continue their artistic journey beyond the workshop's conclusion.
Overall, ISHIKAWASAMBO's Wonder Workshop at Makers' Day not only sparked a newfound appreciation for scale drawing but also fostered a sense of empowerment and creativity among young artists. The workshop's blend of technical instruction and creative exploration left a lasting impact, igniting a passion for art that would continue to thrive long after the event had ended.

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