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: 2024年6月

: URBAN2.0

: 8-12歳



At the latest session of Wonder Workshop, we brought the magic of creativity and construction to life for our young participants. This time, our workshop centered around a captivating theme: building dream houses. With the invaluable support of architecture students from Kokushikan University, children had the unique opportunity to transform their imaginative ideas into tangible creations.

The workshop was a vibrant scene, filled with a bountiful display of craft materials—colorful papers, cardboard, glue, scissors, markers, and an array of decorative items. The children were thrilled to dive into this sea of possibilities, exploring textures and colors to bring their dream homes to life.

Our architecture student assistants were a delightful addition, providing guidance and expertise while encouraging the kids to let their creativity soar. Their presence not only ensured the structures were sound but also inspired the children to think outside the box, combining elements of design and practicality in their models.

The atmosphere was one of joyous collaboration and boundless imagination. By the end of the session, the room was filled with an astonishing array of dream houses, each telling a story of youthful creativity and architectural wonder.

Wonder Workshop continues to be a beacon of creative exploration for children, and this session, with its blend of imagination and architectural insight, was a resounding success. We look forward to many more such inspiring events where young minds can dream, design, and build!

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