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Photo Credits

: Residential

: Manila, Philippines


: Kontemporist

: 2021

: OLA Photography

  Meliza P. Orbe

In the rapidly developing Taguig area within the Manila metropolitan region, numerous office buildings, commercial facilities, and condominiums have been constructed in recent years due to a construction boom. This property is one such example—a newly built condominium completed in 2018, featuring a 2LDK floor plan with a unit size of approximately 50 square meters. Tasked with customizing the interior to suit the preferences of a young female owner who wished to maintain the existing layout, we undertook the interior design and furniture coordination.

The standout feature is the kitchen, a focal point for the culinary enthusiast. Designed to be practical for daily use and flexible for hosting large gatherings during home parties, the kitchen boasts functionality for easy organization, cleanliness, and storage. The owner's favorite pink hue was incorporated into the cabinet doors, complemented by rose gold handles, while the counter features white and gray marble-colored quartz (artificial marble), resulting in a refreshing, elegant, and cute kitchen.

In the living, dining, and sanitary spaces, the recently painted white walls, ceilings, and doors were preserved in their pristine state. To enhance the visual appeal, mirrors were strategically placed to create a sense of spaciousness, brightness through light reflection, and emphasize the cleanliness of the white-themed rooms. Furniture, lighting, and accessories were carefully selected with an emphasis on design coherence and balance.

Commenced in September 2019 during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the construction faced several interruptions due to lockdowns, finally reaching completion in September 2021. Despite the entire process being conducted online without a single on-site visit, the owner expressed satisfaction with the final outcome。

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