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Photo Credits

: Workshop
: URBAN2.0
: 2023.08.06
: Ryo Ishikawa
  Mars Sambo


Let's once again immerse ourselves in the realm of creativity that defines ISHIKAWASAMBO’s Wonder Workshop! In this exciting journey, our young participants embarked on an exploration of the more technical yet delightful aspects of interior design. The creation of models, an ambitious and diverse undertaking, isn't solely reserved for architects; these representative tools captivate a wide range of enthusiasts. The allure of miniatures and the stories they unveil about our world appeal to all ages and purposes.


Centered around the theme "Watashi no heya, Boku no heya" (translated as "My Room, My Room"), this workshop encouraged our young participants to craft the rooms of their dreams. The involvement of parents added an extra layer of enjoyment, fostering a bonding experience. Not only did the end products showcase their creativity, but they also doubled as summer vacation assignments – tangible creations to proudly present once school resumed.

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