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: Residence

: Anywhere


: 2020


Rice is what fuels Japan and its people.


While there are many ways to celebrate this produce, the beloved way to enjoy rice is with the modest hand-formed rice ball called onigiri.


Our inspiration was derived from this dish forming our micro home proposal.

From the recommended site location, and the shift from the busy to the slower lifestyle, our aim is for the users to regain mindfulness. Much like how the rice plant continually grows, this also echoes the human relationship nurtured in the space.


The ONIGIRI is our solution to be one with nature and to be one with ourselves.


The Challenge Faced:

Out of the 47 prefectures, Tokyo is carrying 11% of the population - making it the most populated in Japan. This carries issues as the congestion brings about several challenges such as straining of the public transportation systems, constant grappling for valuable resources such as water and space, and the waste footprint being incredibly high. While this issue has been present for the past few years the problem was amplified by this year’s recent events. There is now a drive to escape urban life and get back to a slower, simpler life.


The Attractive Alternative:

The government has been drawing up plans to encourage people to swap urban life to the countryside. ONIGIRI aims to make moving to the countryside more appealing with the use of well-designed affordable housing situated in the agricultural lands of Japan.


Small does not mean limited.

One ONIGIRI unit will be placed on one farmland, giving the homeowners the view and space one cannot find in the city. The core will house the essential utilities while the curved encapsulated spaces provide permanent designations for lounging, dining, bathing and resting without any need for folding and moving furniture.


The Onigiri is a visual metaphor for the aspirational slow life.


This metaphoric piece of architecture is a means to root the dwellers back to the comfort of nature. A home that packs all the essentials using locally sourced materials. With nature at its core and as its core, the center console houses the utilities while each rounded corner is an extension of use. It gives access to privacy and security avoiding the inclination of crowd-related stress prevalent in urban areas. A pleasing design using an abundant amount of curves is accomplished with a smaller space that feels natural as the horizontal movement carries on with a circular flow.

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