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: Healthcare

: Kawasaki, Japan​


: 2023

: Ioto Yamaguchi

Half-tiled walls, Frank Lloyd Wright design elements, and playful execution are consistent features of the Fujio Dental Clinic.


The advanced dental clinic occupies half of a newly constructed commercial building in Saginuma, Yokohama. The reception, waiting area, and staff rooms are on the fourth floor, while the examination rooms and the x-ray room are on the third floor.


Focusing on biophilic design for the receiving area eases patients for their treatments. The custom-cut wood tiles highlight the reception - the long wall is seamlessly lined even with the Staff Room opening. The designers opted to use the B Side of the 6mm plywood instead of its A side with two coats of polish to bring out its natural grains to increase the plywood’s visual texture. Wood Venetian blinds control the bright lights at noon, and the potted olive tree by the window brings nature in. The dark gray tiles mimic stone, and their color makes maintenance easy being in a high-traffic area.


To level out the seriousness, playful design elements are easily spotted in the receiving area. Since the client is a LEGO hobbyist, the designers gifted the client with LEGO Icon floral arrangements. LEGO Icons such as the Strelitzia and Phalaenopsis orchid are placed on the reception desk - a fun substitute for the real thing. Near the window are bright pops of yellow from the ergonomic tulip-shaped waiting chairs. A round dolly light switch adds unexpected detail to the powder room. These little details eschew the standard formality of dental clinic interior design. 


Frank Lloyd Wright lighting decorates the guest reception area. The clinic logo also features typography inspired by the late architect. The Taliesin 3 wall sconce is the first element a patient sees descending from the elevator on the fourth floor. An oak-colored Taliesin 2 wall sconce faces the waiting chairs. Adding another touch is the Taliesin 1 desk lamp at the reception desk. 


Varying in color to visually designate the private and the common areas, half-tiled walls continue down to the third level for a consistent design language. A ramped hallway is lined with the same custom-cut wood tiles as the reception area. From there, the tiles change into Italian white ceramic tiles contrasting the dark-colored rubber flooring. These move the eye up leading to the large window facing the outdoors. To lessen visual clutter, a track light system equipped with modular speakers is mounted on the matte-painted white ceiling. 


All treatment rooms are in one monochromatic scheme. The tiles are now in black highlighting the Signo T500 dental chairs by Morita. Light-colored rubber flooring is used in the treatment rooms to make the finding of dropped items easier to find. While the majority of the ceiling is white, a band painted in black creates visual interest for the patients while they are having their treatment. Frosted glass is applied to all dividers for privacy and safety.


Narrow pass-through cabinets and the work area double act as partitions for the treatment rooms. All cabinets and shelves use push-open latches instead of cabinet handles and knobs to lessen visual clutter. Essential items such as hand towels and gloves are accessed through the slots cleverly placed under the cantilevered cabinets over the sink. This also reduces the actions needed to access these essential items. Clad in buffed stainless steel, it gives a more top-end feeling to the utilitarian material which coincidentally matches the back side of the dental chairs. 


With its playfully modern interiors, Fujio Dental Clinic’s branch extension is ready for new customers.

For many years, it has been gearing up to expand and now it is ready with additional space and more modern technological advancements in the field of dentistry. With its approach to patient-focused design as well as indulging the client with his wishes, this distinctive cool look is apt for the new branch.

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