Project Data

Just a two-minute walk from Shinjuku station will take you to this playful canvas of office space. 

There is a childlike quality in this design, the simple shape of the dot almost being taken to the extreme of which material can best display it. From the LEGO-inviting wall, commercial type rubber dot flooring, perforated steel, pegboards, down to the original 40-year old door chime - all featuring dots.


Natural, expansive, and light, stepping up to the office space is another experience. An expansive view lights the wooden interiors, from the utilitarian pegboards lined with bookshelves top and bottom to the spacious Baltic birch floor. 

Craftsmanship is experienced in the details - from the cut wood following the 40-year old structural wall, handmade stainless steel sink furniture, down to the magnetized wooden component holding the LEGO rose. 

Title:                       Dot Project

Use:                        Office Rental Space  

Location:                 Shinjuku, Tokyo

Design:                   ISHIKAWASAMBO

Contractor:             ISHIKAWASAMBO

Date:                       2022

Photo Credits:        IDr. Marivic Sambo, PIID