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GRID Condo Renovation






Photo Credits

: Residential

: Kanagawa, Japan


: Yukari Kensetsu

: June 2023

: Ioto Yamaguchi

Step into a world of modern elegance and natural charm through this renovation project. The entrance hall has undergone a stunning transformation, reimagined with a sleek interior design concept that beautifully blends shades of gray, black, white, and the timeless allure of wood elements. As you enter, you'll be greeted by a sense of sophistication, as the doors have been expertly painted in a cool gray tone, creating an immediate contemporary vibe. The walls, adorned with a fresh coat of pristine white paint, exude a sense of spaciousness and purity that sets the tone for the entire space. The flooring has been thoughtfully revamped, replaced with a light-colored wood that not only infuses warmth but also introduces an organic touch, connecting the indoors with nature. This natural element complements the refined color palette, adding depth to the ambiance. In the large common area, your attention will be immediately drawn to a striking feature wall. This unique wall showcases decorative plaster in a captivating grid pattern. The interplay of textures and shades of gray creates a mesmerizing focal point that adds depth and character to the room. At the far end of the hallway, a wooden door graced with a playful window element awaits. This unique feature invites glimpses of the world beyond while maintaining a sense of privacy and style. In this renovation, the interplay of gray, black, white, and wood elements, along with the captivating feature wall, creates a harmonious symphony of aesthetics, seamlessly marrying modernity with nature-inspired beauty.


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