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Ryo's Room





Photo Credits

: Office

: Kanagawa


: 2023

: Ryo Ishikawa

What was once his father's office is now his architecture studio. With meticulous attention to detail, we embarked on a transformation that preserved the integrity of the structure while imbuing it with a modern, industrial flair - a hallmark of the architect's personal style.

Our renovation process began with a blank canvas, as we stripped the room down to its bare walls. To infuse the space with an unmistakable contemporary and utilitarian charm, we chose to envelop the accent walls in galvanized steel usually reserved for drywall frames. This bold design choice not only reflects the architect's unique taste but also serves as a striking focal point within the studio.

In a conscious decision to maintain the original character of the room, we left the ceiling and flooring untouched. This deliberate choice allowed us to channel our expertise and creativity into crafting the walls that truly define the studio's ambiance. Along the sides of the room, custom-made shelving units were installed, incorporating the same galvanized steel material as the accent walls. Its metal legs were expertly crafted by our neighbors Tsuzukigaoka Welding, seamlessly extending the industrial aesthetic throughout the space.  

Our approach was not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and cost-effective. The lightweight nature of the chosen materials streamlined the construction process, ensuring efficiency and affordability without compromising on quality.

For this architect, inspiration often strikes in the quiet of the night. To showcase this, we installed a captivating color-changing sign, visible to those passing by the house. This vibrant addition not only reflects the architect's creative spirit but also offers a dynamic visual element to the exterior, transforming the studio into a beacon of creativity.

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